Your First Visit

When the body is balanced, it is in a state of health. Body imbalance results from irregular input to the nervous system. The Orthospinologist will check to see if your body is balanced on every visit. If it is not, a spinal correction will be given. Are you balanced?

Consultation and Examination

The first phase is a consultation where we learn about your health status, what prompted you to seek care and a detailed health history. After this interview we will conduct a baseline examination and record specific data that will enable us to assess your progress during treatments.


If during your baseline examination we discover nervous system irritation, an accurate and specially aligned X-ray is used to measure and evaluate the condition of your spine. Analysis of these films enables us to examine the spinal subluxation in three dimensions, which is critical when performing adjustments.

Spinal Adjustment

After your initial consultation and X-rays your course of care will be designed based on your individual needs and will be unique to the anatomy of your specific subluxation. Upper cervical corrections are gentle and pain free. There is no force full pulling, twisting or jerking motion of the neck.

Resting Period

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of care is the 10 to 15 minutes after your adjustment. You will be asked to sit and relax. This resting time allows the nervous system time to acclimate to receiving all of its signals again. Rest also allows the ligaments and muscles that hold the spine together to begin to adapt to the change in the spine’s position.

“Dr. Williams and staff have been very professional, sweet, caring and helpful in caring for my mom’s neck issues.”

Dee Jackson

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