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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. Orthospinology Procedure of Adjustment.

Orthospinology uses the latest in chiropractic technology to detect and correct irregular input to the nervous system. Diagnostic images of the spine are carefully analyzed. The chiropractor mathematically calculates the formula to gently produce the spinal correction.

Upper Cervical Care for All Ages

The Orthospinology spinal correction is gentle enough for an infant or a grandmother with arthritis. Orthospinology is effective care for spines of all ages. The gentle correction is made by a chiropractic adjusting instrument or by hand.

Why Don’t More People Know About the Success of Upper Cervical Care?

Unfortunately, we as a culture tend to focus more on surgical or pharmaceutical solutions before we consider a procedure which simply returns the body to its intended state. But this is changing as more and more Americans suffering from a wide range of conditions, seek a more holistic approach and a healthy lifestyle. Upper Cervical care is increasingly playing a role in their new found, pain free lives.